Avocado is the fave food of the moment. With endless possibilities on how to eat them, and their many health benefits, avocados have quickly become the superfood everyone loves. While avocado on toast is basically every food blogger’s favorite snack to snap, many are calling for an end to the massive avocado market here in the US. So maybe it’s time to rethink switching out your favorite mayo for avocados?


According to a researcher with Mexico’s National Institute for Forestry, Farming, and Fisheries Research, avocado farmers in Mexico are playing a dangerous game with nature and it’s having disastrous results. In order to plant and grow enough avocados to satisfy the American market, farmers are destroying old forests in order to plant as many avocado trees as possible, demolishing gorgeous natural land and killing off all sorts of wildlife and plants that used the forests for their ecosystem.


While there’s loads of money to be made by the farmers, their long-term planning is going to ruin the soil and land due to what it takes to farm these green balls of goodness. The environmental impact will probably be devastating in the future, which is why many are calling for people to slow down on their “avocado on everything” mindset.

While we love the possibilities of an avocado, we’re definitely going to think twice about what impact our passion for the fruit might have on the planet.

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