Travel has changed a lot over the last decade or so. Millennial travelers tend to prefer long-term or adventure travel to luxury getaways, favoring a more local approach than their parents or grandparents did. Along with checking out the world’s best food halls and tasting novelty desserts from around the globe, Millennials want to explore all the hot spots that locals themselves love to frequent. Case in point: artisanal coffee shops. Searches on Pinterest for artisanal, AKA third-wave, coffee shops have increased by a staggering 283 percent this year, and here are travelers’ favorite spots in the world’s hippest cities.


1. Kaffeine: Samuel Johnson once said that when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. Avoid getting tired altogether by sipping on a strong bevvie from Kaffeine, one of London’s top coffee shops. Kaffeine has two fantastic locations: one on Great Titchfield Street and the other on Eastcastle Street, and both spots are modern and uber-trendy. Enjoy classic espresso drinks as well as delectable soups, pastries, tarts, chutneys, jams, breads, and jellies. (Photo via Retail Design Blog)

New York

2. Coffeemania: Coffeemania in Midtown is about as cool as it gets. It’s not really a relaxed coffee shop vibe, though — it’s more like a restaurant. Food options are created with a nod for Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and French culinary traditions, and the shop’s signature beverage is the Raf Coffee, a Russian coffee specialty with the “taste and texture of melted ice cream,” according to Coffeemania’s menu. (Photo via Coffeemania)


3. Boot Café: Boot isn’t exactly a large, trendy coffee shop. In fact, it’s super tiny (it only has three tables inside). The ambiance is absolutely fantastic, though, and its small size helps it feel even more quaint, cozy, and French. Enjoy an espresso alongside some pastry or granola. (Photo via Badlands)


4. Little Nap Coffee Stand: HOW CUTE is this tiny coffee shop in Tokyo? Sit at the outdoor wanderer’s bar to enjoy a hot cup of joe or some tea. (Photo via The Culture Trip)

Mexico City

5. Buna 42: Buna 42 is located in La Roma, Mexico City’s super hipster art district. Roma is gorgeous, with giant green trees lining picturesque streets full of cafes, bars, and coffee shops. One of the most popular spots is Buna 42, known for its abundance of beverage options, including coffee, beer, and — major bonus — milkshakes. (Photo via Sprudge)

Rio de Janeiro

6. Café Secreto: Café Secreto is located in Rio’s trendy Flamengo district. The folks here know what they’re doing — they even have a coffee consultant on staff to help you choose the best cold-brew coffee to keep you cool during Rio’s hot summer days. (Photo via Sprudge)


7. The Bulldog: Now, keep in mind that Amsterdam’s coffee shops don’t just sell coffee. Hit up The Bulldog to enjoy some espresso along with legal cannabis and a fascinating local scene. There are numerous Bulldog locations, but if you want the most historic experience, head to The First, which has been up and running since 1974. (Photo via The Bulldog)

Hong Kong

8. The Cupping Room: Head into The Cupping Room for an authentically urban cafe that does Hong Kong’s energetic vibe justice. Located in Sheung Wan, the shop serves not only coffee, but also a delicious breakfast menu and light lunch fare. (Photo via Eater)

Los Angeles

9. Dinosaur Coffee: Located in uber-hipster Silver Lake, Dinosaur coffee is off the beaten path. When you explore this trendy ‘hood and sip on an espresso at Dinosaur, you won’t feel like you’re in Hollywood — but you’ll definitely be getting a taste of the young, creative LA scene. (Photo via Sprudge)


10. Coffee Alchemy: Finally, let’s head down under to the beautiful, modern city of Sydney. Aussies drink pretty spectacular coffee. Order a long black (espresso with hot water) or a flat white (espresso with frothy milk) at Coffee Alchemy, located in Marrickville. (Photo via Broadsheet)

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