You can find just about anything on Pinterest, if you look hard enough 鈥 from back to school supplies to engagement rings, the open community of ideas has just the thing for just about every 鈥 and we do mean every! 鈥 item you鈥檙e likely to be seeking.

One mom in Canada even found a way to get her paraplegic child moving thanks to the site!

baby wheelchair

After a cancerous chest mass severed her spinal cord at just four months old and left her unable to walk, baby Evelyn Moore鈥檚 mother Kim took matters into her own hands, scouring Pinterest for a way to help her daughter get mobilized.

As Evelyn was too small for a standard wheelchair, doctors simply advised Kim to teach her to army crawl, but Pinterest had a better idea: a modified Bumbo seat ($40) with added children鈥檚 bike wheels and a cutting board bottom. Genius!

deco seat

After assembling Evelyn鈥檚 new wheels for less than $100, Kim and her husband decorated their new creation with gold banners and even signatures from Canadian hockey players Connor McDavid and Taylor Hall, a nod to their daughter鈥檚 winning spirit.

baby on the move

And wouldn鈥檛 you know it? Their DIY worked.

Now, Evelyn is zooming around for six to seven hours a day, and it鈥檚 all her parents can do to keep up with the spirited child. 鈥淪he is just going, all the time,鈥 Kim said. 鈥淪o yeah, we鈥檙e trying to keep up with her!鈥

Watch her zoom around in the heartwarming clip below.

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(h/t Simplemost, photos via CTV News)