This Collar Concept Lets You See the World Through Your Dog’s Eyes
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This Collar Concept Lets You See the World Through Your Dog’s Eyes

Ever wonder what the world looks like from your dog’s point of view? Ever wonder what the heck your cat gets up to while you’re at the office? This Pet’s View Camera Concept can reveal all of that and more.

It’s a simple enough idea: Stick a camera on your pet’s collar and see what happens. This camera takes that concept to the next level, integrating heart monitoring (so you can see what your pup is looking at when he’s happy or gloomy) and plug-and-play USB functionality.

The pretty and colorful design of this piece lets your pet be fashionable while capturing his/her day. Your pal’s name and your phone number can be entered digitally to appear on the screen of the collar.


The band of the collar is completely adjustable and incorporates solar charging… Your pet can charge her camera while playing in the sunlight.

A great way to check in on the activities of your animal while you’re away for a couple hours, it can also serve to see how well a dog-sitting session really went. (You know we’re anxious about leaving our furry friends behind with just anyone!) And what a beautiful way to have memories of (and from) your pet once she’s gone.

We would love to see this add a video function… We know that still footage alone can’t capture all of Pixel’s adventures.

Are you dying to see through the eyes of your kitty through all of her mischief-making? Would you rather not know what your dog spends his days doing? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us your thoughts.