Granted, we’re not opposed to taking advantage of various techniques to keep us feeling younger and looking youthful (not that there’s anything wrong with getting older, obvs), but how far would you be willing to go to get that anti-aging vibe? One company is willing to inject you with blood from a young person in an effort to attain a pretty darn creepy vampire-like fountain of youth.

woman giving blood

Blood transfusions are nothing new and can thankfully be used to save lives in numerous circumstances. But should they be used to prolong life or even just give a person the feeling of youthfulness? One company, called Ambrosia, definitely thinks so.

For just $8,000 a pop, entrepreneur Jesse Karamazin offers clients a single blood or plasma transfusion donated from a teenager or young adult between ages 16-25. While the effects on humans are still being tested in clinical trials, the idea is based on a study of mice where some of the critters showed signs of reversed aging, when older rodents received blood from younger ones consistently over a four-week period by having their veins conjoined.


Despite the fact that the human study is being called unscientific and unethical, as well as there being no proof that the process works, if Ambrosia gets enough participants on board willing to pay for the trial treatments, the company will have taken in a cool $4.8 million in revenue before they even officially get rolling.


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(h/t Esquire; photos via THOMAS FREDBERG + asiseeit/Getty)