We know you’re all fans of a good cuddle. Whether you’re cuddling solo or with a buddy, there’s no better way to chill. A mattress that allows us to cuddle our partners all night long was like a dream come true and goes right along with the pillow made for couples. But cuddling alone just got even better with the cuddle chair, the coziest piece of furniture around.

cuddle chair

A piece that you’re able to use both inside and outdoors, it consists of a metal frame that is shaped not unlike ribs and a spine and allows for the big, puffy pillow to be plopped in. That’s where the true comfort begins. Shaped to allow you to lay back and be slightly surrounded by the coziness, it’s like a giant hug.

The design of Alexandra Knyazevoy, a Furniture Design student at Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, the chair is not currently for sale, but is in fact Alexandra’s graduation project. A+, indeed.

Granted, the lady in the pic looks pretty darn happy typing away on her laptop in the position she’s in (please take off your shoes!), but really, we’d want to flop over and totally lounge back, letting that comfy pillow envelope our entire body. Just looking at it makes you want to let out a relaxed sigh. *siiiiiiiiigh*

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(h/t Apartment Therapy; photo via Alexandra Knyazevoy)