While we’re waiting for Netflix to bring us the newest (WTF) show from the creators of OITNB, after we’ve exhausted all of the Disney options currently on Netflix and are left wondering what to watch next, scrolling through the seemingly endless options on our fave streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, whatevah) can be time-consuming at the best of times and annoyingly pointless at other times. To help us out, And Chill (get it?) wants to be our bestie bot, helping us find just the right film at just the right moment.

And Chill

So how does it work? Well, when you log in via Facebook Messenger or SMS, the bot will want to get to know you better by asking you what movie you like and why. Using your answers as a guide, it will make recommendations to help you find the perfect pick for your next Netflix party.

netflix watching

The process is still new and possibly adjusting to users’ needs, so it takes a few minutes, but you’ll eventually received personalized recommendations that include links to YouTube trailers, so you can take a peek at the film before you make the decision to watch or not.

If you want to test out And Chill for yourself, you simply need to message them on Facebook or text 213-297-3673.

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(h/t Tech Crunch, photos via And Chill)