You didn’t have to be at the Women’s Marches this weekend to support them — just ask Taylor Swift. One father and daughter in particular just so happened to find the perfect alternate way to show love for women’s rights.

mark redfern

As Mark Redfern posted to Facebook, he and daughter Rose had their very own Women’s March, just beyond their own front door. Only instead of actual people, they used Rose’s Barbie dolls.


Arming Supergirl, Princess Tiana, Cinderella, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy with their own badass signs (“Climate change is real,” “Forget about the glass slipper…what about the glass ceiling!” “All girls are super girls,”) Mark wrote that while he helped to make the signs, Rose made some of her own as well.


“The scribbled one is apparently about love,” Mark said.


We think this is absolutely genius — what a great way to send a positive message to your daughter about how powerful she is as a young lady and, eventually, a woman subject to the types of issues the marches addressed, not to mention a great father/daughter bonding experience: We haven’t been so touched since this dad dressed up as the beast to take his little girl trick or treating as Belle!


Kudos, Mark — thanks for doing your part on behalf of us gals and for making us smile.

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via Mark Redburn/Facebook)