Custom and personalized online shopping experiences are what we’ve come to expect from our fave brands. One of the best examples of this is glasses company Warby Parker, which has inspired countless other mail-to-door brands for everything from kids clothes to shoes. Now, however, a new company has taken elevated shopping to new, ahem, heights. Meet Goby: the electric toothbrush subscription service of your dreams.


Goby is the toothbrush you never knew you wanted. Sleek styling combined with uber hip colors make this toothbrush company stand out in the crowd. And like glasses company Warby Parker, their prices are oh-so-affordable for those of us not able to shell out hundreds on high-end electric brushes. All the style without the crushing cost ain’t bad, right?

And like WP, Goby is also in the business of giving back. They have partnered with NYU’s school of dentistry to provide funds that go to helping people all over the world receive good dental care.

Design, function and a low price? This toothbrush will probably make your dentist’s visits way less terrible.


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(Photo via Goby)