Grandmothers across the world are well known for feeding their grandkids (sometimes too much). And when Thanksgiving comes around, you can bet that all the grandmas are bustling about in the kitchen making sure everything is perfect. So when Jamal Hinton, a 17-year-old Phoenix resident, got a text from 鈥淕randma鈥 inviting him to Thanksgiving, he was understandably excited.

However, he didn鈥檛 recognize the number she was texting from 鈥 or the other numbers in the group message 鈥 so he asked her to send a picture of herself. The results? Priceless. Jamal tweeted screenshots of the hilarious encounter:

It turns out she isn鈥檛 his grandma, but when he asked if he would still be welcome to grab a plate on Turkey Day, she responded:

鈥淥f course you can. That鈥檚 what grandmas do鈥 feed everyone.鈥 She even included a cake slice emoji. AWWW. Everyone on Twitter (understandably) went nuts.

We so agree. Unfortunately, the Grandma of the Year had to disconnect her phone after the uncensored number went viral and she started getting contacted by tons of people who wanted in on the festivities.

We just hope Jamal still gets to go 鈥 and we get some great pictures after!

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(h/t Mashable, photo via Ariel Skelley/Getty)