Ah, summer — the best time to consume the one deliciously cool treat that everyone adores (despite potentially higher prices): ICE CREAM. But before you dig into that hangover-curing delight, put down your scoop and take a moment to hear us out about your scooping techniques, because this news is going to change. Your. LIFE.

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As it turns out, we’ve all been scooping ice cream all wrong. All these years, and none of us have even come close to doing it correctly. But don’t feel bad! Why? Because the best, most efficient method is seriously weird (hint: It involves a knife). Rest assured when we tell you that it’s also, in fact, totally brilliant.

We’ve all been there: You grab a pint of your fave flavor from the freezer (we’re partial to wine ice cream; YES, it’s a thing), and it’s absolutely impossible to scoop it out in its overly frozen state. You’re then presented with two options: Let it sit out on the counter and risk it becoming wayyyyy too melty, or repeatedly hack away at it with your spoon, making a mess everywhere. The struggle has never been more real.

Now you can rejoice, because all that is about to change! America’s Test Kitchen has discovered the ultimate ice cream serving hack, and all you’ll need are a paring knife and your usual scooper. Oh, and your ice cream, of course!

Simply run the knife under warm water, then use it to slice — yes, SLICE — the surface of your ice cream. Cut lines about an inch apart across the length and width of the container, creating a sort of checkerboard pattern. Grab your spoon, run it under warm water and follow along the lines to scoop out the squares one by one. This will ensure you never compromise the consistency (or the deliciousness!) of the yummy frozen treat.

Once you get down to the lower level, you can easily repeat the process again as needed, and voila! Effortless ice cream cones, sundaes, floats, bombes and sandwiches await — this hack is kind of blowing our minds.

Still a little fuzzy on the deets? Not to worry — there’s a step by step vid below.

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(h/t Bustle, photos via Getty and America’s Test Kitchen)