Fashion or football? Football or fashion? Which do you think creates the most buzz and encourages the most eats, and which brings in the biggest bucks? Well, wonder no more, friends. Stylight has done some in-depth research and provided us with an awesome infographic that outlines the impact of two of the most beloved industries and pastimes in our sports- and style-loving culture. And the results might surprise you.


Comparing New York Fashion Week and Super Bowl 50 (woo!) the chart takes on everything from audience and publicity to food and beverages consumed, plus the buzz both events create on the social media scale.

For instance, the Super Bowl brings in a revenue of around $500 million. Impressive. That is, until you find out that NYFW brings in almost double that, with a revenue of around $900 million. Yowza!

But when it comes to food, the Super Bowl undeniably takes the cake — or rather, the chicken wings. An estimated $1.2 BILLION wings are consumed during the sports extravaganza, whereas 45,000 protein bars are consumed during NYFW. Forget about the numbers. Chicken wings vs. fiber bars?! C’mon! No contest there.

The infographic also contains a few facts that you might not be aware of but are total trivia treats. Were you aware that Super Bowl halftime performers aren’t paid at all for the gig? On the other hand, NYFW week pays A-list celebrities up to $100,000 merely to attend a show and be seen in the front row.

So who comes out on top? Looking at the numbers, both NYFW and the Super Bowl are doing just fine, and there are definitely no losers here.

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(h/t Stylight; photo via Joe Kohen/Getty)