Who doesn’t want to move to the coast? It sounds like a perpetual spring break life to us! Or at the very least, a constant work-cation. Whatever’s waiting for you at the beach, if you’re thinking of migrating toward the coast, you might want to check out this infographic first. Chicago Line Cruises ranked 25 coastal cities to determine the best place to live by the beach.


The company used three different quality of life measures to rank the cities. The first was the Mercer Quality of Life Ranking, which takes into account political, economic, environmental, health, education and transportation in a city. The second was the Euromonitor Ranking, which looks at the most popular cities for tourism. And lastly, they took into account the Basket of Goods ranking, which measures the cost of living through common commodities like a new pair of jeans, a bottle of water, a movie ticket or a taxi ride. They also compared arts and architecture, music, nature, sports and dining in each city. In other words, they had all the bases covered.

Based on those measures, Auckland, New Zealand came in first as the best coastal city. The city’s high Mercer Ranking combined with lower cost of living and great natural attractions makes it ideal. Auckland is followed by Barcelona (the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea!), Vancouver (known for it’s eco-friendliness) and Copenhagen (which sits on two islands in the Baltic Sea).

If you’re planning a move to the coast (or even just a vacay!), we recommend a scroll through the rest of the infographic to scope out the rest of your options.


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(Infographic via Chicago Line Cruises, featured photo via Getty)