It’s (likely) happened to all of us: You go to get your “politically correct latte” (sorry, Obama) at Starbucks, and somehow, despite your carefully enunciated pronunciation of your own moniker, they still manage to get it wrong.


No matter what your name is, they just can’t quite seem to get it right, and you’re left wondering if you accidentally ordered with marbles in your mouth. But you, dear reader, have simply been the victim of a #StarbucksNameFail. It’s even happened to us (cause “Nicole” and “Priscilla” totally sound like the same thing, right?).

Even when they do manage to get the correct name on the cup, it’s oftentimes so horribly misspelled you hardly even recognize it.

There’s “Jesson” for “Jason…”

“Sindy” for “Cindy…”

…and “Christine” becomes…”Krity!?”

So what gives? Is every single Starbucks employee the worst speller ever, or are larger forces at work here?

The fine folks at Super Delxue are very heavily leaning toward choice B, as they explained in a recent YouTube video.

According to the team, who sent one innocent worker with the name of “Molly” to five different ‘Bucks, only to have her name misspelled no less than three different times, this little “coincidence” isn’t a mere coincidence at all, but a ploy by the coffee mega-chain for free advertising.

After all, as seen above, more than the company’s fair share of misspells make it onto our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and, as they say in showbiz, no press is bad press.

By posting that little cup, you’re likely making one of your friends or family members beyond thirsty for a Fruitcake Frappuccino or Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate and, in turn, driving business for the company.

Whoa. That actually makes a LOT of sense. While we guess it could just be an honest mistake (x a bajillion), this seems slighttttllly more plausible: It’s pure evil genius.

We’re onto you Starbucks. (And making “Priscilla” name tags as we speak.)

What’s the funniest #StarbucksNameFail you’ve ever been given? Tag us @BritandCo.

(h/t BuzzFeed, photos via @starbucks)