While we legit can’t get enough pumpkin spice, there’s always room for more flavor in our lives. Turmeric is a super healthy ingredient (hello, golden milk), and its color has us dreaming of crunching leaves on a crisp cool walk. But is turmeric all it’s cracked up to be? We think so, and we’re definitely not alone.


According to Pinterest, we’re not alone in our obsession with the golden root. In their new flavor report, the website scanned board after board to find out what people were pinning most and what’s becoming more popular. And shockingly with the season change, our standby pumpkin spice is not stacking up the way it used to.

With a 99 percent (!) increase in pins, turmeric seems to be the choice spice for this year, because of course it is! This small middle eastern root brings gorgeous color to anything you cook PLUS delicious flavor and health benefits including being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. While the spice is common in India, it’s only starting to see its potential stateside. Turmeric is being added to everything from teas to chicken and even ice cream flavors since it can enhance both savory and sweet foods.


Turmeric isn’t the only seasoning having its moment right now. Pinterest also mentions that saffron, basil and coriander are seeing an uptick in popularity on the site. We think all four spices could be paired for something delicious, don’t you?

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(Photos via Kurt Andre + Getty)