If there’s anything that Jillian Michaels is known for (other than her amazing fit body), it’s her strong-willed nature and love of her family (seriously, her proposal will have you reaching for tissues). Not one to let others tell her what she can and cannot do, the same goes for her kids, at least in certain aspects of their lives. For instance, when Jillian’s four-year-old son decided he wanted his ears pierced, she was on board for a totally legit reason.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian explained to fans that after his sister got her ears done, little Phoenix decided he wanted his ears pierced, too. And she allowed him. Why? “I wasn’t about to say ‘that’s for girls.’” Le-git.

The majority of comments commended Michaels for breaking down gender barriers (or allowing her son to do so), including “He’s such a cutie. Good for him, he knows what he like – it looks good on him though,” and “I want to <3 this a thousand more times!!!” Not to mention “I never comment but I love you more now. Your an amazing Mom! Xx,” and the totally on-trend nostalgia-lovin’, “Bringing back the 90’s style. Love it.”

But of course, there are plenty of peeps who have their own opinions. “You should have! Be the adult responsible parent in his life!” Whatever anyone else thinks, you can’t deny that’s one adorable little dude with an extremely happy smile on his face.

Extra cuteness: Check out Phoenix’s fitness skills as he preps for the future Olympics!

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(h/t People; photos via Jason Kempin, Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty)