Ron Lester, AKA Billy Bob in the 鈥90s movie Varsity Blues,聽tragically passed away earlier today from liver and kidney failure at just 45 years old. Though his life was cut far too short, his is one that certainly won鈥檛 be forgotten by his fans or his co-stars聽鈥 particularly James Van Der Beek.

varsity blues

The actor (perhaps better known as Dawson Leery from Dawson鈥檚 Creek), who played the lead role of Mox in the cult film, tweeted out not one, but two endearing shout-outs to the actor in his honor.

This makes total sense, considering that Ron was drawing on real emotion, as he recently told Movieweb. 鈥淚 had the same feelings that my character had,鈥 he said. 鈥淭here were times, like in those scenes where he was chewing me out, I allowed the emotion to come out, because it was real. The only thing I had to act was the lines.鈥

James went on to say how he would remember the actor best.

Sadly, Ron鈥檚 death isn鈥檛 the only one his former castmates have had to endure 鈥 Paul Walker, who played Lance Harbor in the film, was killed three years ago in a fatal car crash.

RIP to both men, and our many condolences to their friends and families: They鈥檒l certainly be missed!

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(h/t E!, photos via Amanda Edwards and Paramount Pictures/Getty)