Humans have a love/hate relationship with things we can鈥檛 understand. Things like dreams freak us out because we鈥檒l never truly understand what they mean 鈥 unless, of course, you have someone to interpret them. Thanks to apps that help you record dreams and masks that help you manipulate them, we鈥檙e closer than ever to bridging the gap between our slumbering subconscious and waking conscious. But until that void is crossed, we have people like Ally Mead, a psychic medium and astrologer with more than thirty years of experience, to help us understand how our dreams relate to our real-life relationships.


Dreams, Mead explains, happen as a result of an interaction between your subconscious and your brain. This explains why you might not remember some of your dreams 鈥攁ccording to Mead, remembering a dream means that your brain is bringing something to your attention from your subconscious. Because of this interaction, dreams are the only access that your waking mind has to your subconscious mind. 鈥淒reams are really personal, just like your sub-conscious is,鈥 she says.

So what does it mean when that gap is breached by a dream? While people have some pretty crazy dreams, Mead says that most of her clients鈥 dreams are similar: Many of them contain symbols involving a house, a car/transportation, animals and former, current and future lovers. Because love plays such a key role in so many dreams, it鈥檚 understandable why we want so badly to understand what dreams mean for our relationships. Mead has three pieces of advice we can use to start comprehending what our dreams mean.


How to Interpret Your Dreams

1. Dreams aren鈥檛 always literal. People often assume that dreaming about a past partner means they sub-consciously want to get back together with them. While this can sometimes be the case, Mead argues that these types of dreams actually are your subconscious mind communicating that it鈥檚 time to look at what that relationship meant for your life.

2. Understand your bias. Dreams about relationships are hard to self-interpret because you鈥檙e inherently invested in the outcome. To truly understand what your dreams might be telling you, Mead recommends having a third party interpret them for you.

3. Work with your dreams. Understanding the symbolism of your dreams is fun 鈥 but it鈥檚 more important to put that knowledge to use. 鈥淟ooking at your dreams as a novelty won鈥檛 be helpful to your life,鈥 Mead says. 鈥淎strology is meant to be worked with.鈥

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