This Kickstarter for Modest Athleisure Is So Genius
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This Kickstarter for Modest Athleisure Is So Genius

We don’t often think about issues unless we are personally affected by them. Most take it for granted that athleisure is formfitting — maybe for easy range of motion or to stay trendy. Unfortunately, whether by preference or due to religion, this rules out a lot of activewear for some. But one Kickstarter is out to radically change our idea of fitness clothing.

For women who prioritize modesty in dress, there are very few options for athletic wear. Enter: Veil. The athletic clothing line just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to finance looser-fitting, flattering workout wear — a niche in the market that is SEVERELY lacking.

The campaign includes two thoughtfully designed tops. The two designs, the Spark Half-Zip Sweater ($45) and Halo Running Hoodie ($45), are cut long with high slits that allow full mobility while working out. They also have great design features like a hidden pocket for a phone or keys and motivational phrases printed on the inside.

For Muslim women, Veil also offers a Cool Dry Shawl ($22), the first climate-adapting hijab, and a HIJABSTRONG Bracelet ($3). But no matter your culture or religion, the pieces are just plain cool and a welcome addition to any athletic wardrobe. The line also goes up to a 3XL for a very inclusive size run. Check out their intro video below!

(h/t Fashionista, Photos via Veil)