Getting your period is always a reminder of how incredible the human body is. It also sucks. Granted, some suffer more than others and we all get different symptoms, but between the cramps, the bloating, and the bleeding, there’s not really any part of getting your period that you can look forward to. But now, a law may change that, as women might at least be able to look forward to getting the proper time needed to take care of themselves by receiving paid leave during their periods.

According to The Independent, four Italian legislators (who, yes, happen to be women), presented a new law on March 13 that would give women the opportunity to stay home during their periods when necessary. “Women are already taking days off because of menstrual pains, but the new law would allow them to do so without using sick leaves or other permits,” said Daniela Piazzalunga, an economist at research institute FBK-IRVAPP, according to Jezebel.

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And while this initially sounds like a good thing and something the US should consider, Piazzalunga added, “However, on the other hand I wouldn’t exclude that [if the law is approved] this would lead to negative repercussions: The demand for female employees among companies might decrease, or women could be further penalized both in terms of salary and career advancement.”

We also have to consider the fact that not everyone who gets their period is a woman — for example, some nonbinary folks and trans men menstruate, as well — and we would hope that the law would include them in a positive way, and that any negative repercussions wouldn’t negatively affect those folks either. So, as much as this law could be a step forward, it looks like more work needs to be done before it’s enacted inclusively and in a wholly positive manner.

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(h/t Jezebel; photos via Steffi Loos/Getty)