The Women’s March on Washington has provided us with so much inspiration, from the five things we learned while there, to all the inspirational signs throughout the march. What some of us may have missed, however, is that a group of protesters actually managed to pull off a flash mob at the event, singing the song “Quiet” by singer-songwriter MILCK!

MILCK, who is based in LA, reached out to a number of singers from across the country and they worked together online to prepare a choral version of her song, which she wrote as a victim of abuse. The song, she said, was about empowering women to unite together against abuse, and was performed various times throughout the march by those who Skype-rehearsed the chorus. How cool is that!?

Women's March on Washington

When discussing the song, MILCK said, “In this time of fear, propaganda and discrimination, it is critical for our individual and collective voices to be heard. With this song, I’m saying I am NOT the woman who is going to stay quiet where there are figures who promote oppression. I want to encourage others to give a voice to whatever they may have silenced, political or personal.”

We think it’s the absolute perfect message to help carry the Women’s March into actionable items going forward.

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(h/t NPR, photos via Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post/Getty)