We practically drool over chicken nugget recipes for grown-up taste buds (seriously, have you tried Sriracha chicken nuggets, because YUM!), but if you were planning on popping in a few of the ready-to-eat variety tonight, you might want to change your dinner plans. That’s because there’s just been a massive recall of chicken nuggets, chicken patties, and more.

family dinner

OK Food, Inc. has just recalled nearly one million pounds of breaded chicken products which, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, “may be contaminated with extraneous materials.” What kind of materials? Metal. Yikes!

Specifically, the problem cropped up when the company received five consumer complaints stating that metal objects were found in the chicken products. An inspection by the Food Safety and Inspection Service as well as an internal investigation revealed that the objects found in the food were coming from metal conveyor belting.

Farmington Breaded Chicken Nuggets

The ready-to-eat breaded chicken items included in the recall were produced on various dates from December 19, 2016 through March 7, 2017 and can be found on the full list of do-not-eat products (along with pics of the labels you need to watch out for). Among them are chicken nuggets, chicken patties, filets, and fritters.

Perhaps you’d be better off enjoying a nice fish-based dish tonight. Fish and chips, anyone?

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(Photos via Sean Gallup/Getty, Farmington’s)