Melania Trump鈥檚 official portrait as the First Lady sparked plenty of buzz around her expression and her outfit, not to mention her RING. But some eagle-eyed folks have noticed something very interesting. There may in fact be a link between Melania Trump and the Muppet Babies! Wait鈥 wha?! That鈥檚 right 鈥 here鈥檚 the Melania Trump + Muppet Babies theory that you just have to love.

Melania Trump _ Official Portrait

Granted, our nostalgia-lovin鈥 selves were totally giddy over the fact that our fave 鈥90s group of animated puppets was making a return, but now it looks like the reappearance of the Muppet Babies might be WAY more significant than we could鈥檝e ever suspected. That鈥檚 because there may be a very direct White House connection.

The sitch was initially sparked when one Twitter user noticed a small detail in Melania Trump鈥檚 portrait. While we assumed the First Lady was posing inside of the White House (or, at least, a White House image had been added behind her), it turns out that that鈥檚 not the White House at all! It鈥檚 the Muppet Babies nursery. *shocked squeak*

Of course, it would be silly to think that Melania could be a puppet, er, muppet. But what about Nanny? The sole human figure regularly seen on the show, we don鈥檛 actually ever get to see her face, but she pops up every once in a while, stepping in front of the camera to make sure we remember that she鈥檚 in the house.

So鈥 could Melania really be Nanny from the Muppet Babies?!

Well, according to Mashable, in an episode called 鈥淏ack to the Nursery,鈥 Nanny is shown working as a carhop in the 1950s. Since our current FLOTUS was born in the 鈥70s, it looks like this is where the Nanny connection falls apart. Otherwise, it would鈥檝e been totally plausible. *cheeky eyeroll*

Can you see any more connections between Melania Trump and the Muppet Babies nanny? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t Mashable; photo via The White House/Getty)