Well now we鈥檝e heard of everything! First it was the Gwyneth Paltrow-recommended jade egg for your nether regions, and now, there鈥檚 another item making the internet rounds that鈥檚 entirely in celebration of our lady parts 鈥 and this one鈥檚 meant to be worn loud and proud.

Dubbed the 鈥淎ll-Seeing Vaygena鈥 and going for around $26 USD, these anatomical-shaped necklaces have quickly become a hot Etsy seller 鈥 so hot, in fact, that designer Emily Fitzgerald, who has an Etsy shop of wares called Mullummoonflowers, can hardly keep them in stock!

Inspired by fellow artist @tiny颅_clementine_art, Emily鈥檚 yoni pieces, as she calls them (a nod to the Sanskrit term for female genitalia), are made just like the real deal, in all different shapes and sizes, from rainbow versions to ones with glitter. The results have drawn both love and hate from far and wide.

鈥淚 have received so much love and so much hate for these designs and it has blown me away,鈥 she wrote, adding, 鈥淚f you do not like my work that is fine, but I鈥檓 not forcing it onto anybody.鈥

With that being said, she isn鈥檛 letting a few negative opinions (including those of her children, whom Emily admits were a bit harsh on her work), get her down.

Instead, she has plans to expand, adding rings and earrings to her lineup (which we鈥檝e got a sneaking suspicion 鈥渧agina lady鈥 Lo Bosworth might thoroughly enjoy). Haters gonna hate, arewright? 鈥淧laying with a few new little designs today,鈥 she shared earlier this week, saying in a separate post, 鈥淚 never expected these to be so wildly popular and cannot thank you all enough for the support.鈥

Better get yours while it鈥檚 hot!

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(h/t Refinery 29, photo via @mullum_moonflower)