As java lovers continue to get more and more creative (hello, nitro coffee!), and sometimes even flat-out strange (have you tried avolattes yet?!), the instant coffee original, Nescafé, is bringing the caffeine-filled beverage back to basics with a brand new pop-up café that’s… unconventional, to say the least.

Located in Toronto, the cheeky pop-up has been dubbed the Nescafé Taproom, and unlike traditional coffee shops, it’s a BYOC — bring your own coffee. Yup, you read that right! While the building does provide on-site hot water taps to make your instant brew, the cans themselves will be courtesy of your own kitchen (or the store as you’re en route). In fact, this place is so self-service, you even let yourself in: Simply scan your Nescafe sachet on the iPad out front to gain entry.

Customers can choose between bringing their own mug to round out the self-serve experience or partake in the fun of requesting a cup with your name completely misspelled (totally on purpose, of course).

The Taproom is being used as an inventive promo stunt for Nescafé’s new Sweet & Creamy instant coffee. It promises not to have “any baristas named Frederico” and “no man buns, unless you have one,” though the Taproom does promise good music, free WiFi, and power outlets.

If you can’t make it to Toronto before the Taproom closes on June 28, don’t fret! You can also order some Sweet & Creamy coffee and five misspelled name cups online for just $7 (and yes, you get to pick which name you’d like: Gems include Asklee instead of Ashley or Stefunny for Stephanie.

Better stock up on those beans!

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(h/t HelloGiggles; Photo via Nescafe Canada/Instagram)