Finding the perfect match is hard. With a sea of options out there, it’s difficult to know even where to begin! But we aren’t talking about a relationship, per se. We’re talking about which movie (or show!) you should watch tonight. Enter an app we LOVE called Mighty TV.


Previously only available on iOS, our go-to movie-finder is also now available on Android, meaning absolutely anyone can use it.

Here’s how it works: Basically, the app will recommend TV shows and movies for you to watch based on your personal preferences and the recommendations of friends in your network, except it works like Tinder (and these 14 other swiping apps). You swipe through recommendations, and if there’s something that you’ve seen already, you tell the app whether or not you liked it. Then, using artificial intelligence, the app will get “smarter,” using your feedback to recommend movies and shows more up your alley. (Um, can real Tinder PLEASE get this feature!? For real.)

couple watch TV couch

But that’s not all. If you’re at an impasse trying to decide on a movie that everyone will enjoy, MightyTV is capable of recommending things for overlapping tastes: Whoa.

The app syncs up with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other streaming services, so as soon as you find what you want to watch, you can dive right in.

Happy swiping!

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(h/t TechCrunch photo via Getty)