Art comes in many forms and every generation has its medium. Like it or not, the selfie — or digital self-portrait, if you will — has definitely become one of ours despite the fact that it could actually be bad for your health or indicate vanity.


One app in particular, called Prisma, has taken that very idea and run with it, turning your selfies into actual, legit pieces of art that you’ll absolutely marvel over.

Using a variety of art filters in the style of Munk, Picasso, Lichtenstein and more, you can easily make an everyday snap of your hair into a watercolor dream. Feeling disheveled? Let your Picasso-transformation do the talking.

And for those that aren’t exactly the selfie-ing type, not to worry: Prisma will also turn your Warhol-esque Coca-Cola shots (above) or your favorite furry friends (below) into digital masterpieces, as well.

Though the app is not yet available to Android users (womp, womp), reports promise that it’s coming soon.

Trust us when we say it’s definitely worth the wait — we’ve never looked so good!

Show us some of your Prisma creations on Instagram @britandco!

(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via Prisma)