The Disney universe is up to some pretty amazing things these days. Their live-action films are causing major excitement and their parks around the world are bringing fans real-life magic. Now, Marvel (yes, they鈥檙e a subsidiary of Disney) has made history by having a woman step into the role of Iron Man. And not just any woman, but a kicka$$, teenaged, MIT-enrolled, robot-making WOC. Yeah, she鈥檚 our new hero.

Iron Man

As the events of the conclusion of the comic book series Civil War II drew together, fans saw Tony Stark leaving his Iron Man alter ego behind. Taking his place is Riri Williams (perhaps named in part for the all-mighty Rihanna?), a genius gal who enrolled in MIT at just 15. Nabbing Tony鈥檚 attention when she constructs her own Iron Man suit in her dorm room (yep, that鈥檚 awesome), the choice of character was deliberately an attempt to diversify the comic hero cast.

Riri Williams _ new Iron Man

Already taking steps in the right direction by recently introducing characters like Kamala Khan (the new Ms. Marvel) and Miles Morales (the new Spiderman), Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis told Time, 鈥淥nce Miles hit, and Kamala Khan hit and female Thor hit鈥攖here was a part of an audience crawling through the desert looking for an oasis when it came to representation, and now that it鈥檚 here, you鈥檒l go online and be greeted with this wave of love.鈥

We鈥檙e sure Riri will win fans over as quickly as she鈥檒l kick some villain butt.

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(h/t Time, photos via Marvel, Iron Man)