You may remember musician Amanda Palmer for her crazy inspiring TED talk or maybe you follow the rockstar human on Twitter and in her journey to encourage others to embrace the ask. Right now, Amanda is eight months pregnant and has had kind of a rough time of it. From the death of her friend to a bout of Lyme disease that lead her to cancel her Morrissey gig, she鈥檚 been through more than the usual amount of baby-making ups and downs. Recently, though, she did something so fearless and cool it鈥檒l totally define your #pregnancygoals. She鈥檚 channeling the last month of pregnancy into some super awesome creative projects (including a cool collab with her dad) and her recent stunt in New York is truly inspiring.

Warning, it鈥檚 kind of NSFW.

This week, Amanda asked her fans on Twitter to bring children鈥檚 books to the New York Public Library for a surprise. When they arrived, they saw Palmer (who has lots of living statue experience), naked and painted to look like half a bronze statue and half a cross section of a pregnant woman looking 100% fierce.

Screen shot 2015-08-21 at 11.25.09 AM

At the end of the day, Amanda鈥檚 fans ended up donating hundreds and hundreds of children鈥檚 books to the New York Public Library鈥檚 Early Literacy Project as evidenced by the victory photo she posted on Instagram.

Amanda鈥檚 project is mega empowering. Daily, she teaches us that it鈥檚 okay to be vulnerable and that asking is something that鈥檚 not always acceptable but sometimes the bravest thing you can do. With this stunt, she also reminds us that however pregnancy may make you feel, it鈥檚 a really beautiful thing that should be celebrated, birthday suit and all. Think about her the next time you need body positive inspiration or want something to kick start your creativity.

Amanda called this event a sort of act of farewell as she anticipates having a baby will slow down her touring schedule for a bit. What a way to say 鈥渂ye for now.

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(Photos via @amandapalmer, @kristaNDalton, @nypl and Larry Busacca/Getty)