While #TeamJess would surely like to see Rory walk down the aisle with their beloved bad boy and #TeamLogan wants to see the younger Gilmore Girl end up with her bestie in the end 鈥 and of course, #TeamDean remains ever-hopeful despite the fact that it seems like, well, he doesn鈥檛 really have a chance 鈥 we鈥檙e all hoping to see Rory living happily ever after with someone in the end (although if she chooses a solo life full of awesomeness, we totally support that, too, natch). However, if we get our romantic wish, we鈥檒l get to witness a few 鈥淚 dos,鈥 and here鈥檚 the Rory-inspired wedding dress that fulfills all of our Gilmore Girls dreams.

Rory Gilmore

With the folks over at Floravere creating 鈥渢he bridal experience we wish we had when we were engaged,鈥 they鈥檝e taken that fantasy and applied it to one of our fave fictional characters. The R. Gilmore is a 鈥渓uscious strapless sweetheart silhouette [that] is all old-world glamour while tactile, graphic flowers are true new-world romance.鈥 And, yes, it鈥檚 as lovely as it sounds.

Rory Gilmore wedding dress

Creating an absolutely gorgeous yet somewhat simplified gown, the designers felt as if Rory, 鈥渁n Ivy Leaguer who loves The Pixies,鈥 would choose a dress that is an 鈥渋conoclast鈥檚 take on tradition.鈥 We can totally hear Rory using that very description herself. The curve-hugging strapless gown features individually embroidered flowers which are hand-sewn on to create a 鈥渇resh texture鈥 and a hint of modern romance to the classic silhouette.

Rory Gilmore wedding dress

鈥淭his gown honors the woman who embraces tradition but adds her own wit, sass, and warmth to it,鈥 Floravere says of the dress you can wear on your own special day for just $3,400, adding, 鈥淭his gown honors the Rory in all of us!鈥

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(Photos via Floravere, Netflix)