When it comes to the Olympics, everyone wants in on the action: Just take it from Matthew McConaughey, who graciously led us through every possible emotion to be felt while watching the games, or Leah Remini鈥檚 little sister/actress Shannon Farrara, who showed off her inner gymnast with an epic 鈥渂alance beam鈥 stunt just last week.

While in Rio for the 2016 games, 86-year-old Wayne McEntire also caught a case of Olympic fever when he was offered a preferred seat on the subway generally reserved for the elderly. Proving that age ain鈥檛 nothing but a number, Wayne responded by transforming himself into an actual gymnast, grabbing the pole next to him and hoisting himself up into a horizontal arm-hold that was nothing short of Ah. MAZING.

olympic gpa 2
olympic gpa

Luckily, his grandson Britton Baxter, was on hand to document the epic moment and post it to Twitter.

The rest, as they say, is history, as Wayne鈥檚 adorable story quickly went viral.

Grandpa Wayne didn鈥檛 seem to mind much, though, even joking with his wife that she could *totally* have his autograph when he returned from the games.

Okay, it鈥檚 official: WE LOVE HIM.

All the gold, Wayne. All the gold.

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(h/t Elite Daily, photos via @b颅_flex14)