Yes, twentysomethings are notoriously quick to share our opinions about everything on Twitter, but even we find it hard to discuss our finances — both online and IRL. And while we secretly worry that the credit fumbles we make in our 20s will come back and haunt us later in life (and anxiously Google tips to raise our credit score), actually talking about our credit is still a HUGE no-no.

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In an effort to gather more information about how Millennials feel about credit, Capital One embarked on a nationwide Credit Confidence Study and asked 2,300 Americans a series of intimate financial questions. The results? Well, even though most people agreed that talking about their credit was just as awkward as discussing politics, religion and the intimate details of their love lives, most Americans still thought having a good credit score was MEGA important… even if they weren’t too keen on discussing it with others.


It’s clear from the study that most Americans believe having a good credit score is a necessity to get ahead. Nearly a third of respondents would rather have excellent credit than receive one million dollars and more than two-thirds believe that good credit is the key to unlocking the American Dream.

But maybe most shocking of all, the research concluded that almost 90 percent of 18-24 year-olds would choose excellent credit over access to social media (yup, that means no Instagram pups, no Kanye tweets… heck, not even an awkward #throwback birthday pic on your Facebook wall from your bestie).

So while we may not be willing to openly discuss credit with our friends or followers, we know that having a good credit score is an adulting essential, and one that we have to figure out damn soon.

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