This Textured Braid Set Will Rule Your Fall Game
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This Textured Braid Set Will Rule Your Fall Game

Hey, girly girl! On the hunt for some hack-worthy hair? We promise this double-stacked braid will have others taking notice in all the right ways. Designed with textured hair in mind, this braided-duo will elevate your Girl Boss status in just five minutes flat. Get ready… SNAP!


Ready? Let’s double down on this double up braid. It’s quick and easy. First, using a two-inch section of hair at the front, form a 3D French braid (braiding from underneath versus over top).

Next, widen your braid by tugging at the sides. We stacked multiple bobby pins to hold our braid in place and add an edge.

Next, we stepped up our styling game by simply adding in more hair pins along the ends of our working strand to give further interest.


To complete your stack, create a second-tiered braid in the same fashion (below your first). Use holding spray like White Sands Infinity Finish Hair Spray ($15) to give those braids staying power.

Secure your second braid in the same fashion (as you did with your first), by stacking hair pins in an organic way.

Pin your other side (if you desire) like we did to give further lift and volume.

BAM! You did it! This style is proof you can have bomb hair in minutes.

Perfect from every angle. Girl, go reign!

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Hair by Maritza Buelvas

Modeling by Elizabeth Wheeland

Photography by Jennifer Coffey