If you’re an absolute perfectionist, it’s probably best that you stop before you watch this video.

Some might argue that being a perfectionist can actually be bad for you, but others understand that it’s not a bad trait, just one that requires a bit more care, time, and patience. While we sit here working on perfecting our Insta snaps or getting that oh-so-gorgeous party aesthetic, someone online has gone ahead and made a video that is so cringe-worthy to perfectionists that you should think twice before hitting play.

We warned you.

Who cuts a cake like that? Can you look at such a cute and perfect cake and think, “I will destroy it and cut it into a mllion pieces?” We can’t. Even non-perfectionists can agree that it’s a terrible thing to do and would make for messy clean up, but it could also be hilarious for those who are planning on eating a whole entire cake. And who hasn’t tried to peel a hard boiled egg with such disastrous results at least once. It’s okay; admit it. We’ll wait.

One thing’s for sure, this video is the perfect antidote to every single flawless food video you see on Facebook these days, and we’re grateful to be reminded that nothing in life can ever be so perfect.

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(h/t Paste Magazine; Photo via sop/Getty)