The ability to organize your entire life from the convenience of your iPhone is priceless, but let’s face it: digitizing your to-dos shouldn’t be a bore. While there are of a variety of amazing to-do apps out there that will get the job done, we’re always on the lookout for tools that make managing our time more colorful, more engaging. So when we find ways to make our most mundane tasks more beautiful, we just can’t help but gush.

So just imagine how pumped we were to find Tick ($1.99): a streamlined to-do app that lets users completely customize its colorful interface. Specifically built for iOs7, Tick uses a clean tile layout and personalized icons to designate different to-do lists. Its simple design feels modern, unfussy, and best of all, inviting. Hands down, this is the ultimate organizational app for color lovers and designers.

Tick’s basic functions are completely straightforward—create a list, add to the list, mark the list—which means you can concentrate the fun stuff: customizing the look of your lists!

You can choose the color for each and every tile by scrolling over a color wheel (for us, the brighter the better!), and categorize your tile with one of 64 adorable icons. Essentially, these symbols act as the titles for your lists (although you get to name them too), so a car icon can be used to keep track of car maintenance or record your must-see road trip destinations. Your lists aren’t bound by pre-determined anything—you have complete creative control.

But as much fun as it is to build your lists on Tick, it may be even more fun to complete them. Tick’s icons come to life every time you complete a task: bought your plane ticket home for the holidays? Mark it “done” on your “travel” list and the plane icon flies off the tile. Buy all of your stocking stuffers? Tick it off your “Holiday” list and snow starts to fall on the Christmas tree icon. These subtle animations are a clever incentive for you to stay on track.

Other rad features include a light detector that dims or brightens the screen based on where you are, which means night owls won’t have to stare at a glaring screen while making the next day’s to-dos from under the covers. Plus you can share your lists on the fly with AirDrop.

What’s mind-blowing about Tick is that it has mastered a way to simplify your life while making it more creative—a concept that’s at the very core of Brit + Co. It’s pretty awesome that a kindred spirit has made what might be the prettiest to-do app EVER.

What apps do you use to organize your digital to-do lists? What’s your favorite organizational app out there? Any other beautiful apps that we should know about? Tell us in the comments below!