Tiffany Haddish always speaks her mind, and in her new episode of Vogue鈥檚 鈥73 Questions鈥 video series, she鈥檚 dishing more of the real talk, hilarious insight, and sweet sincerity that we鈥檝e come to love her for.

In the video, Haddish is preparing to take the stage at Caroline鈥檚 comedy club in New York City as she answers some questions for the camera. The Night School star is more laid back than usual, but she鈥檚 still her typical open-book self, dishing on everything from her best and worst qualities to her dream dinner guests to how she handles hecklers. Here are 10 of the best revelations from the video.

1. Her best quality is also her worst. Haddish says she considers her honesty to be both good and bad.

2. Her friends and family are everything to her. A group of Haddish鈥檚 friends joined her at Caroline鈥檚 and, when asked about the actress, described her as 鈥済enuine, wise, and fun.鈥 The comedian also uses 鈥渇un鈥 to describe herself, along with 鈥渉onest鈥 and 鈥渁 hot mess from time to time.鈥

3. She has a unique pre-show warmup ritual. By saying all the things she doesn鈥檛 want into the mirror (鈥渂aby daddy, child support鈥), Haddish says she hope she can trick the universe into giving her what she does want.

4. Her favorite article of clothing *isn鈥檛* that white Alexander McQueen gown. Nope 鈥 she says it鈥檚 her unicorn onesie.

5. Taylor Swift makes a mean dinner party feast. 鈥淪he made some brisket, beef, chicken 鈥 which was delicious 鈥 potato salad 鈥 delicious 鈥 and some cornbread. It was so good,鈥 Haddish says of her time at the Reputation singer鈥檚 house. 鈥淚 brought the joyful greens.鈥

6. She gets shy around hot men 鈥 but doesn鈥檛 hesitate to say who her dream love scene partner would be. The answer? Michael B. Jordan.

7. She has superhero aspirations. Haddish says playing Wonder Woman鈥檚 sister would be her dream role.

8. Her dream dinner guests? Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Jesus.

9. She has no time for hecklers. Haddish demonstrates how she shuts down audience members who heckle her at shows, saying she tells them, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 come to your job and do that!鈥 According to her, it destroys their spirit.

10. Is she working on a Girls鈥 Trip 2? 鈥淚 hope so, we鈥檝e been talking about it!鈥

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(photo via Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV)