Canada is known for many things. Their hunky Prime Minister, Drake, Celin茅 Dion, and of course, its very unique drunk food, poutine. This mix of fries, cheese, and gravy was invented in French-speaking Quebec, but has since become a national dish. In honor of the country鈥檚 national celebration of Canada Day on July 1, Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons is mixing the standby up a bit with plans to sell a 鈥 get this 鈥 poutine donut.

That鈥檚 right! To honor our neighbor to the North鈥檚 150th anniversary, the fast-food chain will be peddling a honey-dipped donut complete with cheese curds, gravy, and potato wedges for fries on top. Needless to say, people are shook.

More surprising than the fact that this is even happening, perhaps, is the fact that the treat actually won鈥檛 be available in Canada at all 鈥 in fact, only five select US stores will carry the treat, including Columbus, Ohio, Rochester Hills, Michigan, and three more in New York (Derby, Hamburg, and East Aurora). 鈥淎t Tim Hortons restaurants, we鈥檙e proud of our Canadian heritage and we want to share a piece of that in the United States,鈥 the brand explained in a statement. Still, Canadian patrons aren鈥檛 impressed.

For those willing to travel, the chain is also offering a Maple Bacon Iced Capp (which is essentially the Tim鈥檚 equivalent of a Frappuccino), and maple bacon flavored 鈥淭imbits鈥 (AKA donut holes).

This just might be worth the drive, if only for the novelty of it all!

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(h/t Mashable; photos via Tim Hortons, Spencer Platt, + Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Getty)