There are certain baby names that remain popular regardless of the year (Johns and Emilys of the world, we’re looking at you) and then there are those that are much more reflective of a particular time in history – your grandma’s name may be a good example. And while dear old granny’s moniker may seem dated now, it may have been super popular when she was young. To help show how the popularity of your name has changed since your birth year, TIME has created an interactive tool which uses the Social Security Administration’s extensive name records to show where your name ranked during your birth year and what it might be had you been born today.


To start all you have to do is input your name, birth year and gender. After I added all my information, TIME told me my name was the 289th most popular girl’s name during my birth year and that if I was born in 2014 my name likely would have been Eloise.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.11.27 AM

Going a little further back in history, the tool also shows you what your name would have been during every decade from the 2000s all the way back to the 1890s. Had I been born in the ’80s you might be calling me Tammie. And if I was a ’20s baby I’d probably be going by Verla. To see how your name stands the test of time head on over to TIME’s website.

What was your favorite historical name that TIME matched you with? Share with us in the comments below.