No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, you can always benefit from a good cooking hack. Whether you’re discovering a new way to make your fruit last longer or a genius way to reheat your leftovers, they have a place in everyone’s home. To save yourself precious time, money, and sanity, keep reading to find 11 hacks you wish you knew sooner.

1. How to Make Sure Your Eggs Are Fresh: It’s hard to tell when eggs are fresh, especially if you have a mix from different grocery trips. To check, pop each one in a glass of water. If your eggs sink, keep them around. If they float to the top, it’s best to toss them — just to be safe. (Tip via Country Living, photo via Getty)

2. How to Make Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches: Now that you have your eggs sorted, it’s time to make a large batch of freezer breakfast sandwiches. To do so with ease, whisk the eggs together and pour on a baking sheet. Bake until they’re golden and fluffy, then cut out English muffin-sized rounds with a biscuit cutter. (Tip via The Kitchn)

3. How to Turn Granulated Sugar into Confectioners Sugar: We’ve all been there; you go to make your famous buttercream and you realize that you don’t have enough powdered sugar. Before you rush out to the grocery store, try adding granulated sugar to a blender and blitzing until it reaches a powdery consistency. (Tip via Craftsy)

4. How to Soften an Avocado in the Microwave: There’s nothing more infuriating than attempting to make guacamole with an underripe avocado. Avoid the frustration by piercing the whole fruit a few times with a fork and microwaving on low in 30-second intervals. The flavor won’t be quite as developed as a ripe avocado, but it will certainly get the job done for taco night. (Tip via The Fit Fork)

5. How to Shred Chicken With a Stand Mixer: Once you try this hack, you’ll wonder where it’s been your whole life. All you have to do is place a few cooked chicken breasts in the bowl of your stand mixer and add the paddle attachment. Start the machine on low and gradually turn it up until all of the chicken is shredded to your liking. (via Two Twenty One)

6. How to Properly Microwave Leftovers: Have you ever reheated your leftovers, only for the outside to be scorched while the inside is still cold? Next time, arrange your dish in a ring around the plate so that there are no large piles of food. This, along with the correct microwave setting, will ensure even heating every time. (Tip via The Kitchn)

7. How to Save Wine for Recipes: Usually, when a recipe calls for wine, it’s a pretty small amount. That’s not a big deal if you always have a bottle on hand, but for those who don’t, this may pose a problem. One solution is to freeze your wine in an ice tray, so you can use a couple cubes at a time without the whole bottle going bad in the fridge. (Tip via The Art of Doing Stuff)

8. How to Keep Bananas Fresh: Bananas are great to keep around for a quick snack or addition to your smoothie. Unfortunately, they’ll often go bad before you have a chance to eat them all. To keep them fresh for longer, separate each banana and cover the top with plastic wrap. This will slow the ripening process and allow you to keep them up to four days longer. (via Somewhat Simple)

9. How to Make Homemade Tortilla Taco Shells and Bowls: How many times have you bought a giant bag of tortillas only to have them get stale before you use them all? Try using them to make other things, like homemade tortilla chips, taco shells, or taco salad bowls in the oven. (Tip via Mr. and Mrs. Vegan)

10. How to Turn Crescent Rolls into Cones: Whether you’re using them for a savory application like pizza cones, or a sweet berry-stuffed cone, crescent rolls are the secret to making cones at home. All you have to do is form tin foil in the shape of the cone size you want and wrap strips of crescent dough around it. Bake them off and then fill with whatever your heart desires. (via Babble)

11. How to Rehydrate Your Brown Sugar: It’s awful when you think you have a whole box of brown sugar, only to find that it’s hard as a rock. Instead of chucking it in the trash, place yours into the microwave alongside a glass of water for a few seconds. Alternatively, you could add an apple half, slice of bread, or an orange peel in with your brown sugar to help maintain its moisture in storage. (via Big Chill)

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