You didn鈥檛 plan on having a holiday party this year. But after scrolling through Pinterest and feeling inspired by all of the colorful Christmas decorations and festive recipes, you鈥檙e left with some serious hosting #goals. Good news 鈥 it鈥檚 not too late! You can easily throw a fab and festive last-minute affair with little to no stress. We鈥檝e got a few tricks and tips up our sleeves to help get you geared up.

Send out e-invitations

Eco-friendly e-invitations from sites like Paperless Post are easy to create and mail out on a whim. They鈥檒l also take a lot of stress out of the equation; the last thing you want is to be left wondering who is going to show up on the day of. Send invites, request an RSVP, and stock up accordingly so you can keep your guests fed and satisfied.

Opt for a casual mingle over a sit-down dinner

Sit-down meals are nice and all, but save 鈥檈m for other occasions. A holiday mingle is the perfect excuse to invite your favorite people over without the stress of putting on a big show. Since December is busy for everyone, your guests will appreciate the idea of a low-key soir茅e just as much as you do! Everyone loves a wine and cheese party, but if you want to go for a different angle, draft up a simple drink menu, pick out some easy crowd-pleasing foods, and keep things super casual.

Serve simple聽finger foods

Save your slow cooker for the mulled wine, because no ones wants to mingle while juggling a drink and a limp paper plate full of heavy foods. Grazing-type snacks are totally where it鈥檚 at. Think one-bite and three-ingredient appetizers, like crostini and mini tarts. On top of that, a simple cheese board goes a long way and always looks elegant.

Set Up A Self-Serve Bar

Asking your guests to serve themselves isn鈥檛 rude or tacky at all. It gives you a reason to set up a cute drink station lined with wine glasses and sparkly stir sticks. (Pinterest win!) Stock your beer fridge, set out your wine, put out a bowl of punch, and let 鈥檈m have at it. You can also include a signature cocktail to keep things interesting without going overboard. Whatever you do, don鈥檛 play bartender, or you鈥檒l spend the entire night shaking and stirring and missing out on all the action.

Don鈥檛 Obsess Over Decor

We all want to set the scene for the perfect evening, but most of your guests won鈥檛 notice half of your decor. Chances are what you鈥檝e already got going on with your cozy holiday home setup is sufficient. Put the fireplace on, string up some little white lights, and set out a few flameless flickering candles for a warming glow. Because let鈥檚 be real: It鈥檚 all about the food and the drinks anyway.

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(Photos via Brook Lark, Brook Lark, Joanna Kosinka, and Mikayla Mallek / Unsplash)