While those Christmas cards might suggest otherwise, everyone with a toddler knows that the holidays aren’t all candy canes and snowmen. Whether that visit to Santa’s village ended in a massive temper tantrum or you’re little one found a way to eat all the Christmas cookies while you stepped away for two minutes, the holidays are a fun but hectic time when you add kids to the mix. Case in point: this little dude who literally has no idea how ornaments work.

In this video recently released by America’s Funniest Home Videos, this little boy seems to be learning the ins and outs of Christmas with his family. When he’s handed a glass ornament he gets a little confused and mistakes it for a bouncy ball. Obviously, he then proceeds to toss the ornament across the room where it shatters gloriously. After the whole ordeal goes down he turns back to the camera looking all kind of confused. It’s all good, little man; you live and you learn, you know?

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