It’s all summer all the time here at Brit + Co, and we’re bent on sharing our favorite hot-weather style hacks, from three quick hairstyles you need to memorize before you hit the beach to sewing your very own turban headband. But now, we’re ready to take the DIY-ing from head to toe with our striped loafers tutorial. We’ve seen the chic footwear popping up in our style-focused feeds, and we are smitten with the look, especially the pair of striped Tod’s loafers we ran across (top left). The only problem is they are $475. So we did what any good Brit girl would do … we made them! Scroll on for the full-on hack so you can do the same.

 H&M suede loafers
– white acrylic paint

 – paint brush

– patterning tape

– Mod Podge (optional)


1. Tape a stripe pattern on the shoes using the patterning tape.

2. Paint between the lines to create white stripes. Let dry for one hour. Paint a second coat. Let shoes dry for two hours.

3. Remove tape.

4. This extra step is optional, but you can give your shoes a little extra protection with a coat of Mod Podge and leave them to dry overnight.

Can you believe you can transform a $20 pair of loafers into ones that look like they cost you $475 in just four steps? When taping the stripe pattern on your shoes using the patterning tape, run your fingernail along the edges of the tape to make sure no white paint seeps through the lines. Next, paint your white stripes and let your first coat dry for one hour. Paint a second coat, and then let your shoes dry for two hours. Finally, remove the tape. We stopped right here, as we liked the suede texture showing on the shoes. However, if you are concerned about the paint coming off or if you want a glossier look, you can paint a layer of Mod Podge on the shoes. Be sure to let them dry overnight before you add them to your shoe closet!

So… they were as easy to make as they are to slip on! That means: Time for dress up!

Toss these flats on with your go-to denim and a breezy button down for a stroll through your neighborhood farmers market or to a meet-up with the gals. It’s relaxed + refined perfection.

Don’t be afraid to power clash! Consider your black and white stripes a neutral and rock ’em with punchy patterns, like big, bold floral print for a playful look. Now you’re totally ready for brunch mimosas or to make an entrance at any summer soiree.

But first, let me take a #shoefie.

What do you think of these black and white wonders? Are there any other summer shoe styles you are in love with? Any that you want to see us DIY? Let us know in the comments.