Halloween is upon us. Tis the season of orange and black everything, LOL-worthy sexy costumes and of course, a scary mask or two. The fall holiday is still about a month and a half away, but things kicked off a little early this year thanks to a SUPER creepy Bleacher Report recently about Tom Brady.

The sports website recently created a disturbingly realistic-looking mask of the football player as a PR stunt. As Tom is currently suspended, Bleacher Report wanted to find a way to cheer up his fans. So, they decided to create this life-like mask with the help of Hyperflesh, a studio that creates high-end masks for Hollywood productions.

The mask is made with real hair and high-quality silicone. Oh, and that facial hair? That’s been hand-sewn in. The result: a terrifying Tom Brady lookalike with a larger than normal head. Bleacher Report’s executive editor recently took the mask on the Today Show where he told the hosts, “We knew Tom Brady would be out the first four weeks. So we figured, what would happen if he showed up at a tailgate or a football game?” Answer: selfies.

Sadly, this mask is not for sale as it was “really, really expensive” to make. However, that won’t stop us from daydreaming about how much fun it would be to slip this on and terrify literally everyone we know.

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