A bad boss, catty coworkers, or a problem client can be horrible enough to make you want to quit your job. These people might be so upsetting that you need to take a mental health day or plan a vacay to avoid completely losing your cool. Does a getaway sound like a great idea? Travel to a place that’s known for its good vibes — such as one of the following 10 spots that just landed on Condé Nast Traveler’s 2017 Friendliest Cities in the US list. Spending time with welcoming strangers is sure to remind you how awesome people actually are, and it will help restore your happiness before you head back to work.

1. Charleston, SC: From boutiques to brunch, Charleston has emerged as a top destination for BFF vacations, bachelorette celebrations, and foodies. You can’t help but feel great while you’re in Charleston, especially while chatting with friendly locals who are super proud of their city’s rich history and colorful sights.

2. Telluride, CO: Topping Park City on the list, mountain town Telluride rounds out one of the top slots with its “chill” vibe and ultra-helpful residents. Readers also listed healthy eats and natural beauty as reasons to visit ASAP. Sounds perfect to us!

3. Key West, FL: Straight out of an upbeat Jimmy Buffet song, Key West maintains its rep for happy, kind-hearted people who spend their days in bliss by the beach. Don’t leave without bonding over a slice of key lime pie, a margarita, or a cheeseburger in paradise. Yum.

4. Nashville, TN: Southern hospitality and good vibes reign in the country music capital of the world, which people love for its affordable places to stay and eat, along with the city’s unmatched downtown character that’s perfectly described in so many songs.

5. Ashland, OR: The westernmost destination on the list, Ashland (located in Oregon just over the California border) has a relaxing way of life paired with a bustling arts scene. Are you a Shakespeare lover? Time your trip to enjoy Oregon’s adored Shakespeare Festival, a can’t-miss cultural event.

6. Savannah, GA: Savannah locals are said to be so charming that it almost seems fake — but it’s not. People simply love to share the things they find special about their city, from the best ice cream to historical places to hang out for a quick lesson. Make time for chatter, and you’ll be well on your way to discovering Georgia gems you might never find otherwise.

7. Jackson, WY: Nature gets mixed with nightlife in this ultra-cool destination set in the Grand Teton mountain range. You can join the friendly folks who spend their day enjoying some of the most spectacular views and wildlife that Mother Nature has to offer before winding down with brews in a small-town setting.

8. Asheville, NC: This North Carolina hot spot is Lonely Planet‘s #1 travel destination in the US for 2017 and has racked up some rave reviews. Among the reasons people love Asheville? A vibrant LGBTQ+ scene, close-knit community, and small town vibes that make anyone who stops by to see the sights or indulge in buzzed-about brunch dishes feel at home.

9. Sedona, AZ: Feeling ready to rest and recharge? Find zen in Arizona, where people appreciate healthy living, high energy, and natural healing among Sedona’s famous red rocks, desert flora, and rivers. For the ultimate unplugged experience, plan to participate in activities with locals, like a guided hike, horseback ride, or yoga retreat.

10. Park City, UT: With traditions like ski season and the Sundance Film Festival, Park City residents have much to share with visitors, and they do it in expert fashion. It’s no surprise that the famous spot has landed on the most friendly list, given the enormous pride people take in sharing the magic of their mountain town with anyone who’s fortunate enough to enjoy it.

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