Around 40 million Americans are affected by anxiety (including some of your favorite celebs), and studies show women are twice as likely to develop it as men (as if being the ones who get periods and pregnancies weren’t bad enough). So if you have anxiety… uh, at least you’re in good company?

Worried student

Anxiety is no joke, but turning it into one might make you feel a little bit better about having it. So to put us all in a lighter mood (without a Prozac prescription), we’re sharing some of the silly, weird and totally ridiculous things we’ve had anxiety over lately:

1. Making the latest iOS update.

2. Wondering if our friends are planning a group Halloween costume without us.

3. That one work email we’ve been letting sit in our inbox for a week.

4. The possibility that the Gilmore Girls reboot could be really, really bad. Speaking of which…

5. The thought of the world somehow running out of coffee.

6. Finding a birthday gift that doesn’t suck for all our Scorpio friends.

7. Netflix and Twitter going down again. (And, uh, the scary reason for why that happened.)

8. Worrying our favorite foods are the culprit behind our PMS.

9. Never finding anyone who loves us as much as this couple loves each otherTarget.

10. OMG, this election!

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