If you鈥檙e a post-grad guy or gal, then you鈥檙e probably on a mission to find your first 鈥渂ig kid鈥 job. Whether you鈥檙e hoping to land a sweet gig at Google or launch a successful fashion career, sooner or later, you鈥檒l have to figure out where you want to work after college. To make your job search a little easier, Glassdoor has rounded up the聽25 Best Cities for Jobs in 2015. Keep reading to find out whether your dream city made the list.


1. Raleigh, NC: Making the top of the list, Raleigh, NC is ranked the best city for jobs in 2015. This location is home to health and tech companies and schools such as Duke University and North Carolina State. Raleigh also offers tons of聽job openings and a high job satisfaction.

2. Kansas City, MO: One of the top reasons Kansas City is a great location for job seekers is its affordability.聽It also offers many job opportunities for registered nurses, sales engineers and accountants.

3. Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma City is another top pick because of its high job satisfaction and affordable housing. If you happen to work in business, this location would be a great choice for you!

4. Austin, TX: For music lovers, Austin is a great city for young professionals seeking a location with awesome nightlife. Not only did Austin receive a high hiring opportunity score from Glassdoor, but it鈥檚 also home to employers such as Whole Foods Market and Electronic Arts.

5. Seattle, WA: Are cute and quirky coffee shops a must-have for the next city you call home? Then the Rainy City should definitely be on the top of your list. As the fifth best city in the country for jobs (Amazon and Microsoft, people!), Seattle offers job opportunities with high growth and high pay.

6. Salt Lake City, UT: Home of Sundance Film Festival and Imagine Dragons, Salt Lake City ranks high in hiring opportunities and job satisfaction. This city is also a great location if you鈥檙e looking to work in pharmacy, project management or retail.

7. San Jose, CA: Want to be in commuting distance of tech giants like Google and Facebook? San Jose is at the heart of Silicon Valley and offers plenty of job opportunities with high growth.

8. Louisville, KY: You鈥檙e going to need a big and beautiful hat if you plan on relocating to Louisville. As the home of the infamous Kentucky Derby, Louisville offers affordable housing, high job satisfaction and a聽median salary of $40,000.

9. San Antonio, TX: Famous for the聽Alamo and its stunning River Walk, San Antonio also made it to the top of the list.聽There are a handful of cool employers like iHeart Media and USAA.

10. Washington, D.C.: Although Washington D.C. is one of the most costly locations in the United States, it happens to be the largest employer in the country. If you鈥檝e been thinking about living in a city rich with history and job growth, this is a great location for you!

11. St. Louis, MO: Nestled in the Midwest, St. Louis is an affordable city offering聽lots of cultural sites and entertainment.

12. San Francisco, CA: What鈥檚 not to love about living and working in San Francisco? While it might be a little pricy to live here, there are a lot of opportunities to grow your career and earn a higher income (How does $70,000 sound?!).

13. Columbus, OH: Any Ohio State fans around here? If so, you鈥檒l be happy to know that Columbus also made Glassdoor鈥檚 list of top 25 best cities for jobs.

14. Dallas 鈥 Fort Worth, TX: Here鈥檚 another Texan city that made the top of Glassdoor鈥檚 list. With a median salary of $50,000 and median cost of housing at $157,900, Dallas is another super affordable city for job seekers.

15. Boston, MA: Thinking about heading to the East Coast? Consider giving Boston a chance. This coastal city offers amazing food, wicked museums and art galleries, and of course, the Boston Red Sox!

16. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN: If you love the cold and lots of snow, the Twin Cities might be a good choice for your career. Not only are there plenty of job opportunities, but the median salary is $52,000 (which means you鈥檒l be making enough cash for frequent trips to the Mall of America).

17. Atlanta, GA: If you鈥檙e craving a much warmer climate, Atlanta might be a better choice. Known for its tourist attractions such as the World of Coca-Cola and Fox Theatre, Atlanta offers a variety of things to do and affordable living.

18. Memphis, TN: Thinking about launching a music career? Then you definitely should head to Memphis. Home to the king of rock 鈥榥鈥 roll, Memphis is a very trendy location for young professionals in the music industry.

19. Indianapolis, IN: In the heart of endless corn fields is the beautiful city of Indianapolis. This location is the ultimate destination for college basketball, nightlife and of course, the Indianapolis 500. If you鈥檙e looking for affordable city with everything at your fingertips, Indianapolis is *the* place to be.

20. Chicago, IL: Chicago is definitely a popular destination for graduates seeking a taste of the city. This Midwest metropolis offers affordable housing, abundant employment opportunities and lots of art, music, shopping and nightlife to enjoy.

21. Houston, TX: If you鈥檙e looking for a city where you can stretch your paycheck, Houston is definitely a great choice. The median cost of housing is $157,900 and the median salary is $52,000. Sounds good to us!

22. Baltimore, MD: Nicknamed Charm City, Baltimore is a great destination for beer and music lovers. There鈥檚 also a variety of unique communities with affordable housing options.

23. Richmond, VA: With amazing mountains, beautiful rivers, a rich culture and a growing art scene, Richmond is the perfect place for anyone seeking adventure. It also offers a strong job satisfaction rating and a median salary of $43,000.

24. Pittsburgh, PA: Touting a low unemployment rate and affordable housing, Pittsburgh is a great location for any professional looking to live in a big city without the high costs. It鈥檚 also on its way to becoming a greener city and offers a great food scene.

25. Nashville, TN: Otherwise known as Music City, Nashville is known for its 120+ live music venues, awesome nightlife and tasty restaurants for foodies. If you鈥檙e looking to go 鈥渄own south鈥 to launch your career, then Nashville is an awesome pick.

Did your favorite city make the list? Tell us where you鈥檇 like to start your career in the comments below!

(h/t Glassdoor)