In need of a little travel inspiration that’ll really satisfy your appetite of the wanderlust and food variety? Read on for the top 25 foodie cities in the world, according to the users of

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Hong Kong saunter.

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1. Hong Kong, Hong Kong: It should actually be no surprise that Hong Kong, with its dynamic population of 7.3 million people and its fusion of Asian cuisines, should come in first place on foodies’ lists.

2. São Paulo, Brazil: Rio de Janeiro certainly has a certain charm, but São Paolo is the Brazilian city where the foodies go. Maybe that’s thanks to its roughly 12,500 restaurants (and numerous craft breweries, by the way).

3. Tokyo, Japan: It’s not *just* about the ramen. From sushi to seafood to international cuisine, there’s a lot to love about Tokyo’s foodie scene.

4. Athens, Greece: Bursting with history and bustling urban vibes, Athens holds its own. Grab some casual street foods such as gyros or meats, or head to one of the city’s four Michelin-starred restaurants.

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Chinatown City

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5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Head to the city’s markets (Petaling Street, Chow Kit, and the Taman Connaught Night Market are a few faves) for delectable street fare and a thoroughly immersive experience.

6. Melbourne, Australia: No longer second fiddle to Sydney, Melbourne has erupted with hip food to match.

7. Bangkok, Thailand: Visit Chinatown for street food, Siam for upscale dining, or the Chatuchak Weekend Market for market fare.

8. Granada, Spain: From kebab shops to tapas, Granada boasts everything Spain has to offer in one charming and beautiful package. Numerous foodie tours are available in the city, ready and willing to whisk you off to this European hotspot’s best restaurants and bars.

9. Las Vegas, USA: More and more chefs are flocking to Vegas to open up shop, free from the pressure of bigger cities. And the results are DELICIOUS.

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Buenos Aires is known as the “Paris of South America.” Admittedly, the nickname is in reference to its architecture, but its foodie scene is equally impressive.

11. Singapore, Singapore: There’s a reason travel writer and chef Anthony Bourdain has called Singapore a chef’s favorite city. It offers a unique mix of Asian cuisines, a top-notch restaurant scene, and some of the best street markets on the globe.

12. Warsaw, Poland: Now, let’s take a gander over toward a totally different part of the world: Poland. Warsaw is home to the country’s most impressive restaurant scene. In fact, the small city of just 1.7 million boasts two Michelin-starred restaurants.

13. Porto, Portugal: The coastal city is known for, wait for it, Port. Savor this strong dessert wine after every meal.

14. Valencia, Spain: Since it lies on the Mediterranean coast, the city not only offers tapas, paella, and other Spanish classics; it also boasts a variety of Mediterranean flavors (hello, seafood and olive oil!).

15. Florence, Italy: Arguably the most mainstream city on our list, Florence is the capital city of Tuscany… AKA the world capital of wine and pasta.

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16. Milan, Italy: Milan might be known for its high fashion, but its food is also definitively in style. From fusion cafes to traditional Italian fare, this city has it all.

17. Sydney, Australia: Taste the city’s international fare throughout its many neighborhoods and suburbs, alternating with the light beach fare the town is known for.

18. Krakow, Poland: Not to be outdone by Warsaw, Krakow is also home to a thriving food scene. For authentic eats, try traditional Polish options such as bigos, borscht, paczki, or golonka.

19. Istanbul, Turkey: Istanbul is known as one of the more colorful cities in the world, and part of the reason is because of the vivid, flavorful food ingredients you can find here. Take a stroll through the Egyptian Spice Market, inarguably one of the most fascinating food destinations in the world.

20. Lisbon, Portugal: Yet another world-class city, Lisbon is home to all of the finer things in life… including fantastic food, gorgeous architecture, and centuries of history.

21. Munich, Germany: The Bavarian region is all about mountains, history, and its famed food, including beer, Knödel, and meat-rich dishes.

22. Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen is home not only to biking culture, but also a robust cafe culture, proliferated by restaurants, coffee shops, and the like.

23. Seville, Spain: Seville’s foodie scene is still growing — it used to be exclusively focused on authentic eats — but nowadays, there’s more experimental and international food in the region than ever before.

24. Brussels, Belgium: If you’re in Brussels, you’re *absolutely* going to want to try the moules frites (mussels with fries). Just trust us.

25. Rome, Italy: Last but not least, does it surprise anyone that Rome is on this list? It’s the capital of Italy, after all. Head to one of the many piazzas in the city (Piazza Navona is arguably the most beautiful), order some eats, and sit and people watch.

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