The United States is a melting pot of TONS of cuisines. So it should be no surprise that the country’s biggest cities have *very* specific food cultures. Many of these towns — including some of the top foodie cities in the world — are chowing down on fries and tacos, while others are opting for healthy superfoods. Take a look at this cool graphic from Lose It! of the top eats and restaurants in America’s biggest cities.

In health-conscious yet party-loving San Francisco, residents opt for peaches, avocados, and Champagne (talk about a FABULOUS combo). New Yorkers, with their cultural neighborhoods and wonderful diversity, choose Italian bread, pizza, and bagels. Miami is home to some of the fittest people in the country (those beaches are good inspo), and as such, residents gobble up salmon, papaya, and espresso. Meanwhile, up north in the Windy City — a sports town known for its pizza and laid-back attitude — salty treats like potato chips, French fries, and salami steal the show.

When it comes to chain restaurants, the results are equally telling (though we’d guess most city dwellers only rely on them for lunch). In Las Vegas, unsurprisingly, tacos and tex-mex are all the rage. Atlanta prefers Southern-style fare, with fried chicken restaurants like Bojangles topping the list. But, uh, we’re looking at you, Los Angeles… WHERE’S IN-N-OUT BURGER???

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