You’re a busy lady with places to go, people to see and things to do. Since it’s often impossible to stop home in between activities, your tote bag probably plays a pretty key role in your life. From housing gym essentials to holding all your beach bag items or groceries, a tote bag is a can’t-live-without-it accessory. We’re sharing 12 functional and cute totes that are sure to delight.


1. Studio Nico Good Grammar Is Sexy Tote ($18): This tote is cute as a button with its minimal design and simple message. If you’re off to the library to exchange your pile of books, toss ’em in this tote and go — you’re guaranteed to get a million compliments from fellow book nerds and wordsmiths.


2. Maika Gold Dots Print Carryall Tote ($52): From work to happy hour and beyond, this chic tote transitions effortlessly across any occasion that life throws at you. It cleverly disguises anything from your packed lunch to yesterday’s gym clothes in its adorable casing — no one will ever know what’s lurking inside!


3. Time Concepts Panier Cooler Tote Bag ($35): This woven tote will keep anything cold or warm without subjecting you to carrying around a clunky cooler that is decidedly uncool. If you’re taking in a hockey game and want your hot chocolate to stay warm or you’re packing for a picnic and need your fruit to stay fresh, this tote is it, ladies.


4. Future Glory Moto Tote ($195): This beauty is a très chic carry-on for jetsetting, or the cutest alternative to a backpack if you’ve gotta go to class. It’s roomy enough to fit everything you need and stylish enough that you’ll be happy to show it off to the world wherever you go.


5. Sugar and Cloth Gold Foil Tote Kit ($19): If you can’t find the tote you’re looking for in stores, make it yourself! This kit lets you do just that with trendy gold foil that’ll add a glam touch to your tote.


6. Tree Kisser Kale-Afornia Recycled Tote ($17): If you’re the kinda gal who likes to bring her own reuseable bag to the grocery store, this punny kale tote fits the bill. It’s so durable and roomy that you’ll be able to stuff much more than a few bushels of kale in it, and never have to worry about the bag breaking.


7. Love Drop Tees and Totes Yes Way Chardonnay Tote ($22): Out on a wine run? This tote is practically begging to come along. It’s just the right size for a few bottles of wine and can be used time and time again, because it’s always time for a nice glass of Pinot.


8. Future Glory Walking Rock Tote ($225): This tote is about as classic and chic as they come. If you’re skipping off to an art opening or a fancy-pants happy hour with your pals, this tote will fit right in, proving that there’s no need to sacrifice space for style.


9. Idieh Design Stenciled Tee and Tote Kit ($39): Take your DIY style beyond just a tote and add it to a tee too! You can style them the same and wear them as a pair or create totally different patterns to add two totally rad DIY textiles to your wardrobe.


10. Bando Hooray Canvas Tote ($20): If you’re over traditional gift wrap or gift bags and have a special present for someone, hand it over in this bag that’s covered in good vibes… literally! It’ll be a hit at a birthday party, going away party or any other sort of celebratory occasion.


11. Brit + Co Screen Printing at Home Kit ($49): This screen printing kit is the bee’s knees — whether you’re a pro and need a new project or you want to learn a new skill by getting the kit and class combo, this kit will have you running around town with your very own screen-printed bag in no time.


12. Sisters of Los Angeles San Francisco Market Tote ($32): If you’re a fan of bright colors and the Bay Area, this tote was made for you. The best thing about this little guy is that it adds just the right amount of color to any outfit.

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