Everything bagel fans, rejoice!

Who doesn’t love a salty-savory everything bagel? This iconic breakfast staple is one thing that most people can agree on, right? While many people are trying to ditch the carbs these days, the mighty everything bagel is one bread product we’d miss more than anything else. Trader Joe’s is here to help with a brand new seasoning. With it’s salty, savory crunch, those of us trying to eat super healthy breakfasts can ensure our love of everything can get sprinkled on everything from rainbow bagels to non-bagel options.

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The seasoning blend, which includes salt, garlic, onion, and two kinds of sesame seeds, hit shelves last week and we’re over the moon excited about it — as if we needed another reason to pop into Trader Joe’s this weekend. The seasoning, aptly called “Everything But the Bagel,” has endless possibilities.

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We’re imagining this flavor sprinkled on a salad, or maybe atop a chicken breast. You could go all out and add some to your everything bagel on top of the cream cheese if you really wanted to (and we’d cosign that 100 percent). At $1.99 per jar, there’s no reason not to have this in your spice cupboard.

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